About Juju

Juju is the best solution to model your services in the cloud. You can use it through a GUI or from the command line, scale your services and easily move your model between clouds.

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Reduce workloads from days to minutes

  • Quickly deploy services
  • Reuse expertise from others
  • Automate mundane tasks
  • Focus on creating amazing applications

Deploy to bare metal and public or private clouds

  • Use the same code and configuration on every model
  • Test your application on your local machine
  • Move your application instantly when required
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Work easily at scale

Juju works at the service level, not the machine level, allowing you to manage your applications efficiently at scale.

You can configure, manage and tune at service level with the flexibilty to deep dive into a node.

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A free open source GUI and command line tool.

Configure, deploy, scale, monitor and maintain your models whether you’re using a browser or the terminal.

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Juju comes with ready-made solutions for everything you need

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Charms are the code that defines a service — a charm contains all the logic you need to deploy, integrate, scale and expose the service to the outside world. Made by domain experts in any language, including ansible, puppet and chef.

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Bundles of charms can be created to represent groups of services and relationships. Bundles enable you to move your service from cloud to cloud or from test, staging and production easily. Bundles can also be shared easily as yaml fles to simplify architecture collaboration.

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Reuse charms coded by others or write your own in any language

Language independence

Creating new charms is easy. Charms can be written in your choice of language and adapting existing scripts is straightforward. You can keep the new charms private, or share them back with the community.

  • Java
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • NodeJS
  • Python

Configuration management

Easily create your own charms using puppet, chef, docker or any other configuration management assets.

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