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OpenStack solutions

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James Page

  • Affiliation: Canonical Ltd

James is one of the first Juju charmers in the community and was the original author of the OpenStack charms. His charms allow an initial deployment of a base cloud and allows users to add metering and Landscape afterwards. James is currently working on adding high-availability bundles to this, and resides in Norwich, UK.


Big Data solutions

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Cory Johns

  • Affiliation: Canonical Ltd

Cory has been working on a set of big data solutions. Of these, the Apache Core Batch Processing bundle is his favorite, providing local computation and storage and built-in software high availability. Cory resides in Florida with his lovely wife and enjoys video games and judging whisky competitions at tasting events around the world.

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Benchmarking solutions

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Adam Israel

  • Affiliation: Canonical Ltd

Adam is working on benchmarking with Juju, and has published a comprehensive Python library named charm-benchmark to ease the development of benchmark charms. Adam lives in Southwest Ontario, Canada with his lovely wife and writing partner, three dogs, and more cats than he’ll admit to.


Containers solutions

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Charles Butler

  • Affiliation: Canonical Ltd

Charles has been working on delivering the latest the Docker ecosystem has to offer to end users. His kubernetes cluster solution lets you deploy a fully scalable cluster with a master, multiple minions, with flannel for networking and etcd for state tracking. He resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he is an avid follower of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team.


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Juju partner programmes

Charm Partner Programme

The Charm Partner Programme will help you to get your solution into the Charm Store, giving new benefits to your current customers, as well as accessing new potential users.

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OpenStack Interoperability Lab

The Ubuntu OpenStack Interoperability Lab (OIL) is an integration lab where Canonical tests our cloud partners products in countless Ubuntu OpenStack configurations, over and over again.

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