Charmers is a team of developers entrusted with the maintenance and care of the full collection of charms made available to juju users in the Charm Store ( Charmers team page on Launchpad ).

Note that if you just want to help out with charms but are not quite ready for the full responsibilities of charmers, there is another team, charm-contributors which is quite a bit more open to join. We recommend that anybody starting out in charms joins that team immediately while you learn how charms work.


Considerations and Tips

Since we expect Charmers to be a diverse group with experts from a wide spectrum of fields, here are some guidelines for charming:

  • The Charmers team can make changes to any core charm in order to fix critical bugs or make a charm fit with policy, however:
  • Each Charm should retain the identity of the team/person maintaining it. We don’t yet formally assign Charms to people, just be courteous when modifying a team/person’s charm, an email or ping on IRC giving that team/person a heads up on your work can help keep the workload minimal for everyone as some Charm authors might be people involved in the upstream project they’re writing a charm for.

How can I join?

Because charms run "as root", we need to have a certain level of trust with all charmers members so that juju users can trust that these charms are safe for use on their system. So we have a small set of requirements for joining charmers.


  • You have written Charms — The whole point of being on the team is that you help review other peoples’ charms and fix the existing ones for changes in juju or in charm store policy. So you must have written some charms.
  • Existing charmers know who you are — If we’ve met you in person and worked on charms with you, this should be enough. Getting your GPG key signed by an existing member of charms will go a long way toward us trusting that you are who you say you are.
  • You should sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct if you haven’t already done so.


Once you’ve satisfied these requirements, you will just need to apply to join the team on launchpad, and email requesting membership including how the above requirements are met. Current charmers policy is that 2 of us need to +1 you before we can approve your membership. New ~charmers members will be announced on

Independent Charm Maintainership

If you would like to maintain Charms for a particular upstream project but would not like to join the larger scale Charmers effort, please let us know. We are happy to delegate ownership of a set of charms for a particular project to the upstream project or a team of trusted upstream users. The same requirements apply as for joining charmers, but you will not be expected to participate in the larger maintenance of the charm store. If you are interested in this path, please contact any member of the charmers team, or inquire on the Juju mailing list .