This version of the doc is no longer supported. Please check out the stable docs for the latest in Juju.

Introducing Charms

The magic behind Juju is a collection of software components called charms. These are the encapsulated knowledge of how to properly deploy and configure the services you will want to deploy on your cloud. The charms available online in the Charm Store represent the distilled DevOps knowledge of experts, and they are freely available for you to use (or you can write your own).

Charms make it quick and easy to reliably and repeatedly deploy services in your cloud. If you haven't already tried the Juju walkthrough, you should give it a go and see how ridiculously easy it is to deploy services in minutes.

In many cases, you will simply deploy, configure and expose services in your cloud. The following sections explore in more detail the everyday Juju and Charm operations you are likely to perform