The fastest way to deploy a bundle to a live environment is using Juju quickstart

Juju quickstart is only available on Ubuntu and OS X.


Install Juju quickstart and Juju

Juju quickstart helps both new and experienced users quickly start Juju from Ubuntu.

For Ubuntu

For Apple

For Windows

To install Juju on Windows without Juju quickstart, follow the manual install instructions.


Find the Juju quickstart command for your solution

Juju quickstart commands can be found on every solution. Copy any one of them and start deploying bundles straight away. Try it out with the supplied mediawiki example, or create your own using the Juju GUI demo and export your bundle from the deployment bar.


Enter the command into the terminal to Juju quickstart your deployment

Juju quickstart will bootstrap your bundle to your environment.


Configure your cloud environment on a public cloud or deploy locally

Juju quickstart will help you configure and setup an environment using LXC (for local environments), OpenStack (for HP Cloud), Windows Azure, Joyent or Amazon EC2.


Bootstrap Juju and deploy your solution within minutes

Juju quickstart will bootstrap Juju and deploy the Juju GUI. The GUI will open in your browser where you can see the live deployment of your bundle.


Find out more, get help or ask any question at ask ubuntu.

IRC channels on freenode

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  • #juju-gui
  • #juju-dev

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