A fast, secure and stable solution based on Rails & Gitolite. Free and open-source Distributed under the MIT License.


This charm provides gitlab from http://gitlab.org. Gitlab is a self hosted git management software based on gitolite and rails. It provides a neat source code repository management interface in the likes of github.


To install this charm, first edit config.yaml to suite your needs and schedule the following juju actions:

juju deploy mysql
juju deploy gitlab

You can then add a relation between gitlab and mysql with:

juju add-relation gitlab mysql

Finally you need to expose your gitlab instance:

juju expose gitlab

Note that the mysql reation addition will create the database and populated it with the admin user.


admin_password sets the admin password for the gitlab unit

How to access GitLab

To access your freshly installed GitLab charm instance you need to go to the public address of you gitlab unit and provide the admin user name and password.

The default admin username is admin@local.host and the password should be the one set at config.yaml admin_password configuration option.

Contact Information

Author: Helio L Mota
Report bugs at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/gitlab
Location: http://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/gitlab


                            Email address of your support contact
                            The FQDN for your GitLab unit
                            Sets the admin password
                            Email address used in the from field in mails send by GitLab