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advanced modular IRC bouncer

Juju charm ZNC

Author: Patrick Hetu patrick@koumbit.org

Example deployment

First bootstrap your environment:

juju bootstrap

On a diffent terminal starts the log collection with the command:

juju debug-log

Setup your znc user information in myznc.yaml like this:

  nickname: mynick
  username: myusername
  password: mysecretpassword
  channels: "ubuntu ubuntu-beginners"

Then in the first terminal create the services and expose them to the Internet:

juju bootstrap
juju deploy --config myznc.yaml znc
juju expose znc

Accessing your znc control panel should be ready at:


To find out the public address of znc, look for it in the output of the
juju status command.

If you have not set a master password:

To be able to connect to the web interface, you must know your usename
and password. You will found it in the logs collected by the juju debug-log
command. If you need it later, the password is in the /etc/znc/configs/znc.conf
configuration file. You can read it by running this command:

cat /etc/znc/configs/znc.conf

after have logged with ssh in the znc server. The command will show you a
line with the password looking like this:



(string) The hostname of the remote IRC server.
(string) [web_only|irc_only] [host or IP] [+]port - Configuration of IPv4 and IPv6 listening port. Use web_only or irc_only, if you don't want port to be universal. Put host/IP before the port with a space between to bind to a specific IP (notice that in this case the listener can't listen on both ipv4 and ipv6). Then goes the port ZNC will listen on. If the port is prepended with a '+' (without space) then ZNC listens using SSL. You can have several listeners in one ZNC. BE CAREFULL: do not left spaces at the end of the string.
(string) The username to log into the web interface and the IRC bouncer.
(string) IRC channels to join in a space-separated format.
(string) The port of the remove IRC server.
(string) The password to log into the web interface and the IRC bouncer.
(string) Your nick name in the chat