Azul Zulu is open source implementation of OpenJDK.
It provides both JRE and JDK.
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Azul Zulu is an open source implementation of the Java Standard Edition ("SE")
specification. It is a binary build of the OpenJDK open source project.
Zulu provides a Java Runtime Environment needed for Java applications to run.

Azul Zulu 8 implements the Java SE 8 specification from Oracle.



A Zulu deployment consists of a Zulu JDK:

juju deploy zulu8

The Zulu charm adds a public key for the Azul apt-get repository to your system,
then installs Zulu-8 from it.

The Zulu charm also sets Zulu-8 as default java using update-alternatives.

Once deployed you can use Zulu to run any Java workloads.

Java Debugger (JDB)

Remote debugging can be useful for application development and diagnosing
problems with a deployed application. There are many debugging tools,
including jdb, and most Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) provide
the ability to attach to remote servers and step through code line by line.

Contact Information

This charm was written and is maintained by staff at Azul Systems. If you
encounter a bug with the Zulu charm please post a