neutron contrail #20


Neutron is a virtual network service for Openstack, and a part of
Netstack. Just like OpenStack Nova provides an API to dynamically
request and configure virtual servers, Neutron provides an API to
dynamically request and configure virtual networks. These networks
connect "interfaces" from other OpenStack services (e.g., virtual NICs
from Nova VMs). The Neutron API supports extensions to provide
advanced network capabilities (e.g., QoS, ACLs, network monitoring,
This charm provides the OpenStack Neutron OpenContrail agent, managing
L2 connectivity on nova-compute services.


OpenContrail ( is a fully featured Software Defined
Networking (SDN) solution for private clouds. It supports high performance
isolated tenant networks without requiring external hardware support. It
provides a Neutron plugin to integrate with OpenStack.

This charm is designed to be used in conjunction with the rest of the OpenStack
related charms in the charm store to virtualize the network that Nova Compute
instances plug into.

This subordinate charm provides the Nova Compute vRouter component which
contains the contrail-vrouter-agent service.
Only OpenStack Icehouse or newer is supported.


This charm requires a deployed Nova Compute, Contrail Control,
Contrail Configuration and Keystone service.
Once ready, deploy and relate as follows:

juju deploy neutron-contrail
juju add-relation nova-compute neutron-contrail
juju add-relation neutron-contrail contrail-control
juju add-relation neutron-contrail contrail-configuration
juju add-relation neutron-contrail keystone

Relating to a neutron/quantum gateway charm will allow Nova Compute instances
to access nova proxy and obtain cloud metadata such as SSH keys:

juju add-relation neutron-contrail neutron-gateway

NOTE: contrail-configuration charm still needs to be suitably related to
register a linklocal metadata service.


(int) Specify contrail-api port manually
(string) Package sources for install
- "ppa:opencontrail/ppa" - "ppa:opencontrail/snapshots"
(string) Specify contrail-api ip manually
(string) Virtual gateways to create (software based). Using a YAML encoded string specify one or more gateways using a list of maps, where each map consists of the following attributes: project - project name network - network name interface - interface to use (will be created) subnets - list of virtual subnets to route routes - list of routes gateway will make available to virtual subnets, selects all routes For example: // make any network available to virtual subnet on // admin:public network using local interface vgw to route [ { project: admin, network: public, interface: vgw, subnets: [ ], routes: [ ] } ]
(string) Specify discovery server ip manually