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Mobicents Restcomm


Juju Charms for Mobicents Components

Deploying the charms

#boostrap Juju environment
juju bootstrap
#get logs
juju debug-log
# deploy juju gui
juju deploy juju-gui
#expose juju-gui for public access
juju expose juju-gui

Deploying RestComm Local Charm

#deploy backend DB
juju deploy mysql
#if you use juju local (ie lxc - as environment mysql needs this below
#juju set mysql dataset-size='512M'
#juju resolved -r mysql/#
#deploy Mobicents RestComm Unit
juju deploy -u --repository=../../ local:trusty/mobicents-restcomm
#connect RestComm to the backend DB
juju add-relation mobicents-restcomm mysql
juju expose mobicents-restcomm

Test RestComm Charm

Go to http://:8080/restcomm-management or http://:8080/restcomm-management (username:, password: RestComm) for Admininstration

Go to http://:8080/olympus for WebRTC P2P Live Video chat


(string) TelScale Lincese Key.
(string) Voice RSS TTS Engine Key.